TES-137 Luminance Meter

Product Features

  • 4-digit LCD reading with a dual display.
  • Closeness of the spectral sensitivity to the CIE photopic curve.
  • Assessing Levels Range: greater than 0.171 to 1999 kcd/m2, greater than 0.050 to 580.0 kfL, Autoranging 7 step.
  • Quick and accurate response.
  • Measurements of peak brightness, distinct B-As, the luminance ratio A/B, and the variation percent A.
  • features for colour correction and user calibration.
  • Measurement of accumulation brightness.
  • The max/min/avg function
  • Backlit LCD screen.
  • Function of comparison.
  • Data holding feature.
  • Storing and reading data.
  • Data logging capability.
  • USB Port Interface