The MT100 is a feature-packed process monitor for nearly any industrial application to replace traditional chart and circular recorders, digital and analog panel meters, and other less capable monitoring equipment. Its 10 isolated analog input channels are complemented by four logic channels that are programmable as either discrete or pulse inputs.

    The 10 analog channels may be programmed on a channel-by channel basis to measure voltage from ±20mV to 50V full scale across 12 ranges, thermocouple- or RTD-based temperature, or 4-20 or 0-20 mA current loops. Nearly all thermocouple types are supported; along with both PT100 and PT1000 RTDs. MT100 logic inputs detect state changes, while pulse inputs may be used for count and/or rate determinations.

    A separate trigger input allows the instrument to synchronize its measurements to external events. The MT100 measures humidity using either a built-in dry bulb/wet bulb calculation, or by using an optional humidity probe. All measurements are displayed in real time on its built-in color display, and may be simultaneously recorded to internal memory, a standard removable USB memory stick, or to a LAN-based file server.

    Each of four alarm outputs with flexible trigger definitions allow the MT100 to handle any alarm load up to 250 VAC /2 A, meaning that the MT100 can directly control most lights or audible alarms without external circuitry. If it’s connected to a PC on its LAN connection it can even send you an email during an alarm event.

    Ten Isolated channels and multifunction input to accommodate various measurement needs

    An isolated input system has been implemented to enable worry-free measurement. Ten input channels have been provided to meet multichannel needs

    Large volumes of data can be directly captured to a USB memory stick over a long period of time

    A USB memory stick is used for the recording medium. A large volume of data measured over a long period of time on the ten available channels can be directly written to and stored on the memory stick. The MT100’s internal memory consists of 14-MB flash media

    It is dustproof, moisture-proof, vibration-resistant structure for measurements in severe environments

    In order to withstand severe field environments, the structure has been designed to be dustproof,
    moisture-proof, and vibration-resistant. The front panel of the MT100 unit is an IP65-compliant structure that is both dustproof and moisture-proof. To prevent the penetration of dust, there are no slits in the MT100 unit itself. In addition, the unit’s vibration-resistant structure complies with the Vibration Testing Methods for Automobile Parts Standard, Type 1 Class A

    Easy-to-view waveform displays presented as if on chart paper used by analog recorders

    A large-format 5.7-inch color TFT liquid crystal display, bright and easy to read, is built-in. The measurement results are faithfully reproduced in the display formats used by conventional analog recorders. Waveform displays that are similar to those of pen recorders or dot-printing recorders enable the measurement progress to be easily ascertained at a glance. Four display formats are provided to enable the most easy-to-view format to be selected for each measurement application