Mahr Mterology MarShaft SCOPE plus

The MarShaft SCOPE plus can be used for optical and tactile measurements directly in a harsh manufacturing environment. In addition to the standard complete measurement of rotationally symmetrical workpieces, highly accurate form measurements can, for example, also be completed and features that were previously reserved for a standard form tester are now covered.

Variety of applications for our products

Typical workpieces

  • Turned parts
  • Tripods
  • Transmission shaft
  • Rack
  • Axle journal
  • Hollow shaft
  • Drive shaft
  • Camshaft
  • Turbocharger shafts
  • Bone screws
  • Worm gears
  • Balance shafts
  • Hydraulic parts
  • Valves (diesel engine)
  • and much more

Art. no. 5361501