Mahr Metrology Precimar ICM 100 IP

    With Precimar ICM 100 IP you can check dial gauges and fine hands automatically and economically. The simple operation with one hand and the clever software make the tester the perfect solution for measuring rooms, calibration laboratories and series testing.

    You have never been so efficient when testing measuring equipment – with Precimar ICM 100 IP: Over 60% time savings thanks to fast image processing, user-friendly software and easy handling.

    • Comfortable, tool-free and intuitive operation with just one hand
    • Highest measurement accuracy due to compliance with Abbe’s comparator principle
    • Testing according to international standards and regulations, e.g. DIN, VDI, GOST, BS, NF, ASME and JIS
    • High-quality USB 3.0 industrial camera with high image quality and wide dynamic range
    • Robust, industrial-grade and daylight-resistant LED lighting
    • Digital digits can be read directly – no cable connection to the measuring device required
    • Wide range of measuring equipment can be tested, including dial gauges with a diameter of up to 100 mm
    • Nominal dimensions and tolerances of pre-programmed test equipment are directly available
    • Inductive probes from different manufacturers testable (manual)
    • Calibration of dial gauges, sensing lever gauges and fine hands
    • The Precimar MSW 100 software takes over the control of the dial gauge tester, the evaluation of the camera image (scale or digit display of the test object) and the reference measured values of the dial gauge tester as well as the other downstream processes in the context of test equipment management.
    • The test procedure can be carried out on the basis of DIN, VDI, DKD or DAkkS regulations, various international standards or according to internal company specifications.
    • The deviations of the test specimens are immediately prepared graphically during the test.

    Scope of delivery:

    • Precimar ICM 100 Base Unit
    • Precimar IP 100 Image Processing Upgrade Kit
    • Software Precimar MSW V12
    • Software Option Precimar ICM IP Image Processing
    • USB cable
    • Holder for dial gauges with shaft diameter 8 mm
    • Holder for sensing lever measuring devices
    • Mahr Factory Calibration Certificate
    • Operating instructions

    Complete package or retrofit solution! Mahr offers you Precimar ICM 100 IP as a solution for existing and new purchases. Simply upgrade an existing, manual test station Optimar 100 or ICM 100 or secure the test device including image processing as a complete solution.