Mahr Metrology MarSurf CP / CL

    Established optical profilometry for QA

    Optical profilometers with which you can complete two- and three-dimensional measurement and analysis of surfaces-contactless, independent of material and fast.

    Flexible solution for quality control

    The MarSurf CP select stands out for extremely fast recording of large measuring surfaces while also ensuring high measuring precision.  Thanks to its modular design, the measuring system can be adjusted to various measuring tasks and individual automation, measuring convenience, and accuracy requirements.

    Typical measuring tasks

    • Roughness measurements as per ISO 4287 & ISO 13565 / ISO 25178
    • Topography measurements (including volume, wear, tribology)
    • Layer thickness measurement
    • contour and form (2D, 3D)
    • Macro and micro geometries
    • Determination of flatness and coplanarity
    Maximum data quality
    One of our most important criteria, which equates to excellent precision, accuracy, reproducibility and documentation to ensure traceability and auditability. Our greatest service for the customer is to provide a quantitative measuring value that can be implemented reliably in the engineering, product, process design and quality control areas etc.