This is the voltage input module capable to measure high voltage as a AC
    power line or an electric vehicle. It can be measured high voltage as maximum
    1000V in at fast speed as maximum 1MS/s (1μs interval). Demand to measure
    a signal as a control and power line in the inverter-based system used for vehicle
    and electrical equipment is increased.

    High withstand voltage (maximum input range 1000V)

    It can be measured in a safe and reliable by having a
    high maximum input voltage and withstand voltage.

    Input coupling (DC or AC)

    By using the DC and AC coupling feature, the voltage signal of a small
    signal superimposed on the input signals or the absolute voltage value
    can be recorded.

    RMS (effective value) measurement in real time

    It is able to handle the measurement for a long time as durability test
    by measuring in effective value (RMS).

    Application examples