Dosimetry – RAD 60 / Alarming Radiation Dosimeter

A personal alarming radiation dosimeter is the RAD-60. It is an accurate and trustworthy tool for maintaining worker safety. The RAD-60 is best utilised for routine radiation monitoring under stand-alone circumstances. For the purpose of tracking Personnel Dose data and generating compliance reports, the RAD-60 may also be put into System Mode.

Modern technology is included into the design, and built-in memory allows for dosage retrieval even when the device is powered down. It removes RF and shock outside interference. The RAD-60 sports a digital display, is user-programmable, and runs on a single AAA alkaline battery.

By pressing a button, you may turn the device on or off, switch the digital display between reading dosage and reading dose rate, choose between a number of dose and dose rate alarm levels, activate the chirp feature, reset the integrated dose, and run battery tests. With a loud audible alert, the big digital display provides rapid dosage or dose rate data.