DASQUA High Surface Durability Angle Measuring 300mm / 12″ Easy Reading 4 Combination Square Set With Steel Ruler + Square Head +Protractor Head + Center Head


  • Reading is made simple by the distinct lines and figures against the satin chrome finish.
  • Powder-coating method ensures high surface durability
  • Made by pro-coated mould with no surface blisters
  • Low surface roughness and high accuracy with perfectly ground surfaces
  • Strong and attractive packaging


A stainless steel ruler, a square head, a protractor head, and a centre head are included in this 4 PCS combination square set. It makes it quicker and simpler to lay out any angle line, draw lines for cross, mitre, bevel, and rip cuts, as well as to locate the centre of a circle, dowel, or rod. Ideal for cabinet and joinery work, metalworking, steel, iron, and cases