Xenon Arc Weathering Test Chamber

Xenon Arc Weathering Test Chamber

Obsnap provides Xenon Arc Test Weathering Test Chamber which is specially design to stimulate sunlight spectrum, and it is applicable in various industries.

Xenon Arc Test Chamber is specially design to stimulate sunlight spectrum, which is responsible for destructive testing of product. The chamber stimulates the light, temperature, rainfall (spray) and condensation. It is applicable in many industries like rubber, plastic, paints, coatings, automotive parts, textiles, leather, electrical and electronic components, and etc.

(Product available in Malaysia)

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Features of Chamber

Constructional Features

  • Body structure (Enclosure material and Internal material: High grade stainless steel plate SUS304
  • Good Thermal insulation material
  • Opening pulling door with observation glass protected by a UV protection layer to protect direct exposure of xenon light to human eye
  • Input sensor: thermocouple
  • Low noise multi-wing centrifugal fan with rapid cooling, uniform temperature inside the chamber
  • Imported parts like temperature controller, compressor, breaker, motors in chamber, overload relay, thermal overload relay and etc are imported