Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal Shock Test Chamber Malaysia

Obsnap provides thermal shock test chamber in Malaysia to test the capability of test components to withstand extreme change of temperature in short time.

Special designed thermal shock chamber to test capability of test components or material structure to withstand rapid temperature changes from extremely high temperature and low temperature in short time. This allows user to carry out a wide range of tests necessary to determine thermal characteristic: chemical changes or physical changes. They are suitable for quality control laboratories or in production plants for product improvement. Applicable to metals, plastics, rubbers, auto-motive parts, electronic parts and other materials.

The test compartments can be placed vertically or horinzontally. An electrically driven basket moves between the two temperature zones which will produce a thermal shock on the specimen, vertical models are availabe with basket with small volume, while horizontal models are available with basket of big volume. Special models are avaialble on request.

(Product available in Malaysia)

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