Accelerated Weathering UV Chamber

Accelerated Weathering UV Chamber

Obsnap provides accelerated weathering UV chamber to test the effect of sunlight, temperature and humidity on product quality, it can be customized accordingly to client’s need.

Sunlight contains 5% of UV light, which is the most responsible for photo-degradation to materials. MERIDIAN UV chamber test the effect of sunlight (UV radiation), temperature and humidity on product quality and usually applied on non-metal materials (plastics, paints, organic coatings). The types of damage include fading and change in color, cracking, strength loss and etc.

Reproducible and reliable weathering data can be generated in just a few days or weeks of testing which is identical to natural outdoors which may occur over months or years. The test data can help in selection of new material, improvement of existing material to improve product durability.

(Product available in Malaysia)

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