Economical CNC Automatic Vision Measurement Machine

Model : HV – Peak Series
  • The most compact design CNC Vision Measurement Machine
  • The economical Universal Vision Measuring Solution
  • High adaptability to multiple measuring sensors
  • Flexible application scenario
  • Outstanding Imaging system
  • Powerful Measuring Software


  • Simple and Stable
  • Economical vision measuring solution


Dimension (mm) (LxWxH)810 X 610 X 1055960 X 710 X 1075
Measuring range (mm) (XxYxZ)300 X 200 X 200400 X 300 X 200
Measuring Accuracy (μm)3 + L /2003 + L /200
Repeatability (μm)33
Weight (kg)330kg380kg
CCD Industrial grade color CCD camera
LensManual dented zoom lens 0.7 – 4.5X (Optional manual electronic feedback signal zoom lens or automatic zoom lens)
Magnification18 – 195X (For reference only,  With different camera and lens the magnification will be different.)
Field of view8.1 ~ 1.3mm (For reference only, with different camera 
Working distance90mm
Linear scale resolution0.5 μm
Driving systemCNC control, close-loop AC Servo driving system, joystick, mouse or keyboard control)
IlluminationProgammable 8 sections LED ring surface light, parallel LED contour light, (40 section LED ring light, co-axial light, movable multi color ring light for option)