Manual Vision Measurement Machine with Auto Focus

Model : HV – Extra Series

The EXTRA series manual vision measurement machine provides extra measuring function and user experience to customers over normal vision measuring products. The series configured with servo motor in Z axis, including manual pulse generator for fine positioning fine adjusting, also with auto focus function, which highly increase the measuring process efficiency and end user experience.


  • Smart design
  • High accuracy transmition system
  • 3D measuring function


Dimension (mm) (LxWxH)550 X 540 X 930600 X 740 X 980 700 X 840 X 980800 X 940 X 980
Measuring range (mm) (XxYxZ)200 X 100 X 150300 X 200 X 200400 X 300 X 200500 X 400 X 200
Measuring Accuracy (μm)2.5 + L / 1002.5 + L / 1002.5 + L / 1003 + L / 100
Repeatability (μm)
Weight (kg)140kg190kg240kg290kg
CCD1.2 million pixel digital camera
LensManual dented zoom lens with magnification signal feedback 0.7-4.5X
Magnification18-195X (For reference only, With different camera and lens the magnification will be different.)
Field of View8.1~1.3mm (For reference only, with different camera and lens combination, the value will be different.)
Working distance90mm
Linear scale resolution0.5μm
Driving systemX/Y axis manual control, Z axis CNC full closed loop motion control (including auto focus function)
IlluminationProgrammable LED 4-zone ring surface light, LED bottom parallel light (optional : 8-zone ring light, coaxial light)