Are you ready for the upcoming Calibration Training for 2021? We’re ready and excited to meet you! Do you know the importance of Calibration in daily life? Have you ever inspect your measurement device and wonder if the measurement is accurate or not?

In our Calibration Training, we’re going to teach you the basic requirements of conducting in-house calibration and maintenance of Metrology (Measuring), Testing & Analytical Instruments. Calibration plays a big role in our life without you noticing. For example, in the process of weighing flour to bake desserts like cake and muffin you need to measure the correct amount of flour otherwise it will ruin your batter. If the cake is too dry it’s not going to be enjoyable to eat but if the batter is too runny your cake is going too moist and you’re going to end up not feeling satisfied of the end result.

The flour scale might seem nothing but the functionality is what matter just like other things around us in our daily life. With the knowledge you’re going to earn from our Calibration Training is going to open your views and mind about the simple thing in life.

You’re going to be taught by our 15 years experienced trainer and in addition, all courses are HRDF claimable. Furthermore, you also can choose the course and the date available. Listed below is the training schedule for year 2021, make sure to make an early booking! You can e-mail or call us for more information.

Available in Selangor, Malacca, Johor & Seremban