Cable Avoidance Tool 

Pipe And Cable Locator  - Cable Avoidance Tool


  •  Combined visual response AND clear audible response
  • Visual response provides the following:
  Battery condition indicator
  Signal strength
  Mode selected
  •  Digital display as well as the conventional audible response
  •  Superior ‘natural’ audible response rather than a digitally reproduced version.
  •  Excellent signal to interference ratio leaving a clear, crisp signal response
  •  Provision for spare battery storage within the Cable Avoidance Tool
  •  Retractable loudspeaker that you can replace if it is damaged without the need to get the unit recalibrated
  •  Fully weatherproof design to IP65



On/off control. Press for 'on', release for  'off'. Battery check tone at switch on.
3 position function select switch:
P – Power Mode 
for detecting live imbalanced cables.
R – Radio Mode 
for detecting re-radiated radio signals.
G – Generator Mode 
for detecting conductors carrying the signal generated by the C.Scope Signal Generator or from the Sonde Transmitter.
Sensitivity Control.
Large, easy to read liquid crystal display. Shock resistant, mounted behind poly- carbonate lens for maximum protection. 
The display indicates:
Signal strength.
Battery condition.
Confirmation of selected mode.
P – 50-400 Hz   R – 15-20 kHz   G – 33 kHz
Depth of detection
The Cable Avoidance Tool will typically detect at the following depths:
P – 3 metres   R – 2 metres   G – 3 metres
8 x AA (IEC type LR6)
Typical life – 40 hours
3.0 kgs (including batteries)
Moisture/dust resistant to IP65