Danatronics introduces the world’s smallest ultrasonic thickness gage with high resolution waveform display, The EHC-09 with live Waveform (A-Scan) unique features include:
Auto Zoom tracking centers echoes in the middle of the screen independent of material thickness. The main bang and echo to echo blanking as well as manual and automatic gain adjustments are ideal for complete waveform adjustment and control. RF, Full Wave, Half Wave + and Half Wave – rectification modes. The echo to echo feature can ignore the paint or coating thickness. The Datalogger can save 50,000 thickness readings and 5,000 waveforms. B-scan for a cross sectional representation of the test piece is also available. The waveform option can even be added to our popular EHC-09 and EHC-09DL gages.
Additional Features of EHC-09  
  • RF; Full Wave, Half +, Half – rectification modes
  • 2,700 waveform storage in Datalogger
  • Auto Zoom to center echoes in middle of screen without adjusting range
  • Manul and Auto Gain
  • Main Bang and Echo Blanks


  • Boiler Tubes
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Storage Tanks
  • Ship Hulls
  • Containers
  • Home Oil Tanks
  • Pipes
  • Steam lines
  • Compressors
  • Shafts
  • Bridge Pins
  • Bond Inspection
  • Software options are field upgradeable,
  • there is no need to plug in a USB cable or return the unit to our factory


Additional Features of EHC-09B
  •  Automatic transducer replacement     intelligence built in – Patent Pending
  •  Up to 200 hour battery life with 2 "AA"     batteries
  •  Small, easy to hold ergonomic custom molded, durable case with rubber keypad
  •  Automatic Zero Capability
  •  Multiple dual and single element transducer     options including high temperature – up to    1000° F (537° C)
  •  Full, two year warranty

Additional Features for EHC-09

  •  Vibralarm (vibrates gage below/above     minimum/maximum thickness value)
  •  Illuminating keypad for easy to view go/no-go    thickness values – Patent Pending
  •  Unique, programable left-hand/right-hand     operation – Patent Pending
  •  Gain Boost


Options for EHC-09B and EHC-09
The EHC-09B  is field upgradeable as a standard package (features not sold separately) to either the EHC-09 or the data  logger version EHC-09DL without returning the unit factory! When you upgrade  the EHC-09B to the EHC-09 you will receive the following features (once upgraded to the EHC-09 you can add individual options- see below infomation):
  •  Live Waveform available on EHC-09 and EHC-09DL with manual gain adjust, zoom auto tracking, range, blankings, and rectification.
  •  Gain Boost: High, Medium or Low for challenging test conditions
  •  Alarm Mode: Illuminating and vibrating keypad on alarm condition, high and or low settings are standard
  •  Automatic Probe Wear Indicator (Transducer Attendant)- Automatically informs the user when the transducer is in need of replacement
  •  Lefty/Righty user selectable graphics interface to allow the operator to switch softkey locations on unit to accomodate lefty or righty holders of the gage


The EHC-09  is field upgradeable to data  logger version EHC-09DL, which  are avialable as one package or individual options:
  •   50,000 (expandable to 100,000) reading datalogger capacity with complete setup     tracking and three pre-set files for linear, grid (row advance) and grid (column advance) The dataloger upgrade includes Echo to Echo, B Scan and carrying pouch, Data XL interface program to easily export all readings to Microsoft Excel.
  •   Echo to Echo to ignore coatings (can be purchased individually) 
  •   B-scan – non-encoded (can be purchased separately together with datalogger option) 
  •   Carrying pouch