TH170 Portable Hardness Tester

TH 170

The world famous IMPACT™ series, part of the unbeatable series of TIME dynamic Leeb hardness testers offer very affordable, but accurate hardness testing solution for on-site testing in workshops and in field operation. The units assure accurate and reliable measurement. USB to computer. Any metallic products with a minimum solid mass starting from 0.5kg can be tested according to the Leeb principle.

The display shows hardness values in all common scales, such as HRC, HRB, HV, HB, HS, and HLD. The instrument is equipped with replaceable batteries that provides 16 hours continuous operation.

  • Dynamic rapid hardness test procedure
  • TH-170 Impact device D integrated
  • TH-172 Impact device C applying low impact energy for surface hardened components and thin walled components
  • TH-174 Impact device DL for testing in confined spaces
  • Wide measuring range
  • Direct display of hardness Rockwell HRB, HRC, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore HS, Leebs HL
  • For most metallic materials
  • Automatic gravity compensation for testing at any angle
  • Simple handling and low test expenditure
  • High accuracy ±0.5%
  • Clear LCD display showing all functions and parameters
  • Conforms to ASTM A 956 and DIN 50156
  • USB connection to PC

Technical Specification

Hardness parameter HRC, HRB, HV, HB, HS, HL
Accuracy Within ±6HLD
Statisticse Average (max. 270 in 9 groups)
Output USB
Max. Surface roughness of workpiece 1.6μm (Ra)
Impact device D
Max.hardness value 940HV
Workpiece radius (convex/concave) Rmin = 50mm (with support ring Rmin= 10mm)
Workpiece minimum weight 2kg-5kg on solid support
0.05kg-2kg with coupling paste
Workpiece min. thickness coupled 5mm
Workpiece min. case hardened depth 0.8mm
Indentation depth See IMPACT TH-1100
Power Batteries AAA
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Overall dimensions 155mm x 24mm x 55mm
Weight 180gr


Industry Application 

a) Aerospace:

TH170/TH172/TH174 can be used to detect the engine and structural components of aircraft. The aircraft engine structural repair manual prescribes that some of the components and spare parts are forbidden to be disassembled, and some of the parts are very difficult to disassemble, so a portable hardness tester is a good choice.

For example, when the aircraft catches a fire, we need to check the affected area caused by the fire trough hardness testing so that we can confirm the repair district. And some of the other huge structureal components of aerospace also need portable hardness tester, such as turbine discs, high and low pressure turbine shafts and so on.

b) Machining;

Machine tool industry: TH170 can be used to detect the guide rail of machine tool body, vertical shaft and carriage.

Thermal treatment industry: TH170 can be used to test the hardness of hardened layer with the thermal treatment of carburization, quenching.

Auto-industry: The testing of the generator components, crankshaft, cylinder cover, internal cylinder, cylinder block, bearing bush, knuckle.

Car deport locomotive works: The testing of the crankshaft, bearings and large castings.

Combustion engine factory: TH170 can be used to test the hardness of the cylinder block of engine, crankshaft of cylinder cover, camshaft, connecting rod, flywheel gland, FE Tiler and so on.

Household appliance manufacture industry: TH170 can be used to test the hardness of the component parts of the compressor of air-conditioner, refrigerator and washing machine. In addition, it can also test the hardness of some mould cavities, surface of wheel gears.

 c) Boiler pressure vessels industry:

The main parts of boiler that need testing are tubes and steam drums. The tubes have expanded connections with the steam drums. Per stipulation, expanding needs to be done on the test board before tube expansion, in addition, the hardness of the steam drums shall be higher than the tubes. Therefore, hardness testing is essential. Furthermore, the testing results shall be sent to the local labor bureau when installing the boiler.