XQZ-II Automatic Notcher Machine


XQZ-II Automatic Notcher Machine
 Automatic notcher machine is designed to notch specimens to cut different notches for Charpy & Izod impact testing. 20 specimens may be clamped at one time and at least 60 specimens may be notched in 10 minutes. It allows a perfect reproducibility of the notches, increases working efficiency and reduces the labor intensity.
ISO179—2000, ISO180—2001 and the equivalent.
Technical parameters
1. Knife stroke ?≤90mm
2. Specimen type?Type I
3. Notch specification?According to the knives.
4. Feed measurement?0-2.5mm (optional)
5. Feed stroke in notch depth direction?0?10mm
6. Dimension? 400mm (L)×270mm(W)×300mm(H)
7. Power supply?220V/50HZ
Complete appliance configurations
Basic Unit – One set
Centering block for specimen – one
Imported alloy steel knives
All the knives made of specific alloy materials are imported from Europe. For which, the hardness is more than HRC60, surface roughness less than Ra0.4, edge angle is 45°±0.2°
Type A: 45º±0.2 º r=0.25mm ± 0.05mm
Type B: 45º±0.2º r=1.00mm±0.05mm
Type C: 45°±0.2° r=0.1±0.02