VQK-20 Manual Notch Cutter

VQK-20 Manual Notch Cutter
 Model VQK-20 notch cutter is designed to make impact test specimen of simple beam and cantilever beam, and it possesses the features of simple structure, easy operation, stable performance, and it is the necessary equipment for making notch impact specimen.
Working principle
Adopt the sine mechanism of for-bar linkage to transfer the drive of hand-wheel into linear motion of vertical slide block to cut the impact specimen.
  • Cutter shape and dimension
- Mode A: 45°±1° R0.25±0.05mm
- Mode B: 45°±1° R1±0.05mm
- Mode C: 2±0.2 0.8±0.1mm
  • Max. Travel: 20mm
  • Dimension: 460x250x240mm