Automatic VIR 710V


Automatic VIR 710V
 This machine is designed for providing the specimens used in the impact testing tasks. The machine cut notch which according to the "V" ASTM E23, ISO148 standards, "U" Din 50115 and ISO83 standards "Charpy notch impact Test Method for metal material" on the specimen for only one time. At the same time, it has advantages of high precision, long life, low noise and concise appearance etc.
  • Notch type: V type: 2mm.
  • Notch types: U type:2mm.
  • Size of Specimen : 10mm x 10(7.5 or 5)mm x 55mm
  • Travel of Cutting Knife: 340mm
  • Cutting Speed: 2.5m/Min
  • Dim: 600mmx500mmx1200mm
  • Power Supply: 380V/50HZ or 240V/60HZ
  • Weight: 150Kg