Colour , Gloss & Coating Thickness Theory and Application seminar on 4th Sept, 2014



Colour , Gloss and Coating Thickness Theory and Application seminar is a program aimed at enhancing New Measurement Technology consciousness and Quality Control defense preparedness in the R & D and Quality Control department of a company. The seminar approach is by having a thorough look at the benefits, applications and working principle of each of the three program components. Its various program components are specially designed to encourage active involvement of each team members concerned for the contribution of a top of the class quality control for surface appearance in term of colour , gloss and coating thickness.

The Colour, Gloss and Coating Thickness Theory and Application seminar was made to answer the need to cultivate the precision measurement mindset by affirming the prime duty of meters and gauges were to serve and protect top notch quality of finished products. In turn, it shall be the responsibility of all the team members to defend the quality of the company products.

The seminar is a combination of theory and practical hands-on of various instrument like portable colorimeter, spectrophotometer, that will both open up the mind and allow experiential learning that offer lasting memory of material taught and shared. Innovative kits that help to retain the knowledge shared during the class are given out as free gift to assist participants to bring home something of value to share among colleague.