Wood Moisture Meter – LI9050 (TQC)

Moisture Meter - Wood Moisture Meter - LI9050 (TQC)


This instrument is a conductivity moisture meter specifically designed for the timber industry. The instrument has eight calibration scales, enabling the user to take accurate moisture measurements in 150 wood species. Moisture  measurements can be taken using the integral pin electrodes, or using the heavy duty moisture probe. When used with the temperature probe, the moisture measurements are automatically corrected with respect to temperature. 


  • Eight calibration scales enabling the user te take accurate moisture measurement in 150 wood species 
  • Moisture measurements can be taken using the integral pin electrodes or  the heavy duty moisture probe. 
  • AutomaticallyTemperature Corrected (ATC) Readings when used with the temperature probe. 
  • Measuring principle     :Electrical resistance 
  • Elektrode length            :8mm 
  • Elektrodes                      :Integrared, replaceable 
  • Measuring range           :Wood: 6- 99,9% 
  • Display Resolution        :Wood: 0,1% 
  • Battery                           :2x AAA 
  • Housing                          :Impact-proof plastic housing 
  • Ambient temperature   :0- 40C°   
  • Ambient moisture         :0- 85% 
  • Size                                 :180mm x 50mm x31mm 
  • Weight                           :175g.