4180/4190 ELF METER

4180/4190 Elf Meter

Lightweight and completely self contained, the easy to use 4100 Series ELF Meters are ideal for commerciaI or home use. The 4100 Series accurately measures Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields generated by electrical equipment. Applications include detecting magnetic field emissions from a wide variety of sources, including video display terminals, AC power lines, office equipment, household appliances,and all types of electronic equipment.


  • X – Switchable Single Axis Mode – This 4190/4180 feature allows users to display the vector components of the magnetic field. This option should be specified in applications that require the direction of the magnetic field be known as well as the level. (User activated through sequence of key strokes).
  • F20 – Extended Bandwidth – This feature extends the -3dB frequency response of the instrument from 20 to 2,000 Hz and is included with all 4180 and 4190 Elf meters. This is useful if the measurements are required for sources with high harmonic content. Standard calibration frequency of 55Hz covers both 50Hz and 60Hz with a 2% variation







Model 4180



Model 4190












Measuring Ranges


0.1 to 599 mG



0.1 to 1999 mG












Basic Accuracy


± (2% + 1 digit) typical


± (1% + 1 digit) typical















Frequency Range ±5%

30 – 2kHz




30 – 2kHz

















Operating Temperature

 -10ºC to +50ºC



 -10ºC to +50ºC