TES 830 Paperless Recorder

Tes 830 Paperless Recorder


  •  5.7" Color TFT LCD (320 x 240)
  •  8 input temperature measurement/logging (?/?)
  •  Color graphic display of 8 curves
  •  Digital and analog (bargraph) data display
  •  Selection of 11 types of thermocouple
  •  Easy socket for thermocouple mini connector
  •  Basic accuracy 0.05% ± 1 ? (K type)
  •  Programmable Hi-Lo alarm with timers
  •  Statistics data (Histogram) for easy analysis
  •  Hide or display selected curves
  •  Display of max and min values for each input
  •  Sampling Rate 8 Inputs / 1 second
  •  28 Hour Recording with Lithium Battery of 3400mAH
  •  Standard 2G SD memory card
  •  SD card directly read by PC
  •  Read and Delete data files directly
  •  Built-in calendar clock
  •  Accept Analog Outputs from instruments
  •  Screen hardcopy for easy documentation
  •  Ready to use package (Thermocouples, SD Card, and Battery)
Advantages for end users:
Users can use the recorder to find out and solve problems (e.g. system overheat, uneven temperature distribution), improve quality, make profit, and increase market share.
Advantages over competitors:
1. Portable unit can be used at any location: application is not limited to availability of AC power.
2. Data can be analyzed on site: analysis is not limited availability of PC; users can read data and analyze overall trend (instead of page by page display).
3. Zoom function to review data of any selected period of date and time.
Application for various industries:
PC, Semiconductor, Automotive, Air-conditioning, Freezer, Metallurgy, Petroleum, Chemical, Construction materials, Papermaking, Food, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Flower planting, Thermal treatment, Water treatment.
  •  LCD: 5.7" Color TFT LCD (320 x 240) with backlight
  •  AC Adaptor: DC Regulated 12V / 300mA output, AC 110V or 220V Input
  •  Power Consumption: 220mA / 150mA / 120mA
  •  Dimension: 257x155x57mm, 10.1" x 6.1" x 2.2"
  •  Weight: 1160g / 40.9oz (Battery included)
  •  Operation / Storage: 0?~50?, 85% RH / -20?~60?, 75% RH
  •  Accessories: User manual x 1, Lithium battery (11.1V) x 1, USB cable x 1, Software CD x 1
SD card (2GB or larger) x 1, Carrying bag x 1, K-type thermocouples: 1M x 7pcs.; 3M x 1pc.