Services & Solutions

Obsnap Instruments Sdn. Bhd, is not only known as a company that strives to provide high quality products in order to meet customer’s demands and requirement but it is also known as a company that cares. We care through our exceptional and outstanding customer service because we always put our customers first and foremost in whatever we do. This is because we heartily believe that our customers satisfaction is our ladder towards being successful and crafting a name for ourselves in this business.

Total Solution Provider
Obsnap role as an instrument supplier for a wide range of products (a list of which could be found in our website), could not be denied, but what is more appealing is the fact that we actually go out of our way to help our customers sourcing for the equipments that could not be found on our website or in the range of products that we sell. All customers have to do, is to let us know about the kind of products that they desired and we assure you that we will not quit looking until we get our hands on the products.

Apart from that, we also provide consultation services for customers who know what they are looking for but are unsure whether the product specifications meet the standard requirements. Our expert Sales Engineers would assist them upon request and would advice them on the products that best suit their total standard requirements.

Usually, a customer’s relationship with their supplier is instantly severed after the purchasing process is over. However, Obsnap goes the extra mile to actually provide after sales service or post-purchase service to our customers, to ensure their sustained satisfaction. This post-purchase service include a one year warranty for purchased products as well as attending to the request to upgrade customer's existing products to a better level in order to adjust to their new standard requirement. Our friendly and expert Sales Engineers will also follow up on your progress with the product with the purpose of understanding customers needs better.

Our customer service also extends to include calibration, which is a process to determine, or check the commencement of any used instruments in order to rectify that the instrument is really in its most accurate form and functioning well in its real capacity. If the accuracy of the product is not perfect, then our helpful Service Engineers will assist you in fine-tuning it for better performance. Only a small fee will be charged for this service.

If you take a look at our Service Department, you will be in awe of our well-stocked store rooms with necessary spare parts which are especially prepared to troubleshoot the defected items that might readily need repairing in the future to make perform well again.

Customers should understand one thing about Obsnap. We not only supply machines to them, take the trouble of understanding customers needs, recommend the suitable products for them, guide them on how to use the products and provide them with post-purchase service, but we also emerge as a total solution provider for them. We do all this because we care for our customers. After all, we know that they are the illuminator of our path towards success!!!

We wish to highlight some guidelines about out service policy.

Terms and conditions on servicing and repairing of products:

  1. Obsnap staff must be first informed about customers complain before any action could be taken.
  2. If the instrument that needs inspection is small and portable, it could be sent over to Obsnap Instrument company, on the other hand, it the instrument is big, our staff would pay you a visit to survey the instrument to determine how severely the machine is spoilt and the cost that is required to repair it.
  3. Obsnap’s technical support shall response within 3 working days upon receiving the report of the defective item.
  4. Upon confirmation, an inspection fee of RM 50.00 is chargeable if the item inspected is repairable but the customer decided not to proceed with the repair. However, if the instrument is found not repairable, NO CHARGE will be imposed.
  5. Service charges starts from RM 80.00 and charges are made depending on the complexity of the defects and excluding parts of all portable items.
  6. All repaired and serviced items are warranted for 1 month upon invoice date for the same defect.